Q&A with Greek DPs

Zoe Manta, cinematographer of Zaharias Mavroidis’ “Defunct” Christina Moumouri, cinematographer of Vardis Marinakis’ “Zizotek” Christos Karamanis GSC, cinematographer of Rinio Dragassaki’s “Cosmic Candy” They were all there, answering questions about their work. The session was moderated by prof. Peter Salapatas, GSC

A letter from our President

                                                                                                                            Athens, May 16, 2019 Dearest GSC colleagues It is to my greatest honor that I was elected President of our Society I focus on the word Society, since this word has a very special meaning. The existence of the GSC is supported by the will of its members, who, overlooking the competition dueΠερισσότερα