the Greek Society of Cinematographers’ award in Drama Short Film Festival


The GSC, Greek Society of Cinematographers is an association of Creek Cinema’s Directors of Photography.

The DoP’s all over the world always emphasize the fact that Cinematography is significantly major to a technical parameter of a feature film, that cinematography is a fundamental element  of the film’s narration. This is called the visual storytelling and, despite being part of the movie, it follows distinct codes and obeys it’s own rules.

Having confidence in this, the GSC has named its prize: “award for the best visual storytelling”, and   presents it yearly to a young Greek cinematographer.

During the 41st Short Films Festival, the GSC committee, populated by Chr. Alexandris, G. Frentzos and D. Efthimiopoulos, decided to present the award to Yanis Simos, for the film MINE, directed by Dimitri Tsalapatis