As Film goes Byte

a group of scientists worked on human perception of both photochemical and digital cinema. As Film Goes Byte: The Change From Analog to Digital Film Perception Miriam L. Loertscher1,2,*, David Weibel1, Simon Spiegel3, Barbara Flueckiger3, Pierre Mennel2, Fred W. Mast1, and Christian Iseli2 1University of Bern 2Zurich University of the Arts 3University of Zurich AbstractTheΠερισσότερα

3rd International Cinematography Summit, Hollywood, 4-7 June 2018

Our member, James Chressanthis, GSC, ASC, participated in the 3rd International Film Meeting held on 4-7 June in Hollywood hosted by ASC and sends us his correspondence: I attended the 3rd International Cinematography Summit took place 4-7 June in Hollywood, hosted by the ASC. Over 66 cinematographers representing 36 countries plus IMAGO, the Latin AmericanΠερισσότερα