Award by the Greek Society of Cinematographers at the 42nd Short Film Festival in Drama

                                                                                                                         Greek Society of Cinematographers, represented at the 42nd Short Film Festival in Drama by Pantelis Mantzanas, Kostas Stamoulis and George Frentzos, presents an award every year to an emerging Cinematographer in order to highlight the defining contribution of the Director of Photography to the aesthetics and storytelling attributes of a cinematic creation. TheΠερισσότερα

the Greek Society of Cinematographers’ award in Drama Short Film Festival

  The GSC, Greek Society of Cinematographers is an association of Creek Cinema’s Directors of Photography. The DoP’s all over the world always emphasize the fact that Cinematography is significantly major to a technical parameter of a feature film, that cinematography is a fundamental element  of the film’s narration. This is called the visual storytellingΠερισσότερα