A letter from our President

                                                                                                                            Athens, May 16, 2019

Dearest GSC colleagues

It is to my greatest honor that I was elected President of our Society

I focus on the word Society, since this word has a very special meaning.

The existence of the GSC is supported by the will of its members, who, overlooking the competition due on the professional praxis, contribute to the evolution and dissemination of the Cinematic Art.

Our Society is not a private company, run by its Chairman and Board, meant to organize events. Any idea you may have on actions, either artistic or technical, are welcome and shoud be proposed to the Society and supported by your voluntary work.

Any personal experience should be shared, it should be transformed to a good practice, because alliance and common effort is the only way to ameliorate our art and craft, to the profit of the Cinema as well our own personal interrest.

None of us has the luxury to spare time, addressing the commons. Yet, in the past a few people have sacrificed their limited resources targeting the very existence of this Society. It has since then become a duty for anyone bearing the title GSC next to his name, to be an active, participating member.

Soon, we will have to brainstorm on our next set of actions. Beyond what will be decided by the new board, we will be waiting for your own unique ideas.


Yorgos Arvanitis AFC – GSC