Spyro, Make-A-Wish

As you know from an earlier post, in September 2019, GSC partnered with Make-A-Wish Greece and, with a number of members and friends, volunteered to fulfill a child’s wish, which was to act in a scene from the movie “The Lord of the Rings”. The resulting short film was completed within the next few months and was finally shown on February 2020, in the presence of the young Spyros and his family.

GSC is very proud of its involvement in this humanitarian action and the Board would like to personally thank all who offered to take an active part in it:


Christos Alexandris, GSC – Cinematographer

Yorgos Frentzos, GSC – 2nd Cinematographer

Fotis Mitsis, GSC – Camera operator

Yorgos Argyroeliopoulos, GSC – Making-of,


Grigoris Arvanitis – Colorist

Manolis Dapontes – Focus puller

Lefteris Valmas – Clapper/Loader

Tasos Kosmidis – DIT


Michail & Ilias Ktistakis (White Balance) – camera equipment

Panos Bisdas (Authorwave) – post production