Theos Argyris

With a strong artistic eye and extensive field experience,Argyris Theos has not only developed the ability to create first class imagery but also the ability to efficiently work around the dailyissues of cinematography, showing excellent managerial capabilities.Totaling10theatrical features, 19prime time television series, commercials, shorts, live events, 67stage plays and more, Argyris shows a personality that is bothartistically oriented and versatile enough to accomplish any kind of work that involves visual storytelling.Afluent English and French speaker, exhibits stereographic virtues,carved by years of study, the creation of a short film and a seminar in France (S3DCampus 2011)Among current interestslaystheresearchofthe role of Visual & Media Literacy in VocationalEducation and Training. He leda team aimed on Visual and Media Literacy and providing amodern curriculum aimed atVET(Vocational Education & Training). This is has been an Erasmus+ Proposal, Submission ID: 1350630He often teaches classes on Cinematography, Photography and Visual LiteracyHe is the Secretary General of the Greek Society of Cinematographers. Since January 2018,he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Greek Film Center